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Locked vs. unlocked boot loader
I purchased my phone from Verizon. Should I not have? What's the benefits to a unlocked bootloader ? Can I unlock a locked bootloader ? Are all phones from Verizon locked ?

Is having access to root like jailbreaking ?

Posted on 22-Jan-2019

Re:Locked vs. unlocked boot loader

Unlocking the bootloader allows you to do and access many parts of the device but the main one use most of us care about is to change the recovery, once you change the recovery, you can install custom OS, ROOT, ETC. This is how you install LOS or custom ROMs (which the majority of Android community users care about).

Rooting is like jail breaking, I dont have Apple nor would I EVER use an Apple product but from my understanding its the same thing. Rooting an Android gives you Super ROOT access, you can modify every aspect of the Android OS.

Posted on 23-Jan-2019