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LG - What Possibly is Your Logic to Unlock?
Rulers of LG:

It is apparently a random event for LG to grant the ability to unlock one of its product's bootloader.

Sometimes the lightning strikes the European variant, less often the US model.

Your inconsistency is maddening.

You should make it simple to understand and execute - if a buyer purchases an unlocked, non-carrier model of one of your devices s/he should be granted the facility to unlock the bootloader (at their own risk and suffering forfeiture of warranty).

Your current haphazard practice is not only frustrating but also unfair and shortsighted.

Be bold, LG. Be unique. Differentiate yourself. Permit bootloader unlocking as a (prized) feature.

Do it now.

A Cautionary Voice From The Android Modder/Dev Community
Posted on 18-Dec-2018

Re:LG - What Possibly is Your Logic to Unlock?

AGREED! I am urging ALL LG users to BOYCOTT LG until this is resolved and we are allowed to unlock our own devices! TOTAL LACK OF RESPECT FROM LG!

Posted on 21-Dec-2018