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Smells Like A Class Action Lawsuit...
From what I have read in "How to Unlock the Bootloader" it specifically says to do this and you will receive an unlock key to use to unlock bootloader. It does not say anywhere on that specific page that you can only receive the key if you have a certain phone. Here is the sentence in question.
(11. Click Confirm. If your IMEI number and Device ID are valid, the bootloader unlock key will be sent to your email.)
Therefore any and all LG bootloader unlock submissions should be honored or I foresee a class action lawsuit since there are many LG android owners who are discriminated against. Am I wrong in thinking this?
Posted on 8-Nov-2018

Re:Smells Like A Class Action Lawsuit...

I am with you, lets do it, lets sue LG until they unlock the bootloaders! I am also urging ALL LG users to BOYCOTT LG until this is resolved and they allow bootload unlocks! We need to make noise, lots of it, so those upper-management morons hear us. They will ONLY way they will hear us is when they LOSE money! They will only lose money when WE AS A COMMUNITY come together and BOYCOTT LG!

Posted on 21-Dec-2018