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Can't unlock bootloader on US997
So I have the US997 unlocked USA version, and I figured I'd try to unlock the bootloader so that I can install TWRP and make backups. I followed the US997 bootloader unlock guide on XDA, and I was able to obtain my device ID in fastboot mode.

However, after pasting both my IMEI and device ID into the LG bootloader unlock website, I keep getting the error message that the "IMEI is unmatched."

I find this to be very odd, since the device is pretty much brand new. I even called LG and had them run my IMEI through their system to check its service history, and they said this unit has no history of service/repairs, which I heard is a common cause of mismatched IMEI's.

I spoke to several reps at LG to ask if they could help me, and for some reason, they repeatedly deny the fact that they officially support the unlocking of bootloaders, which blatantly contradicts the fact that they have an official bootloader unlocking service/website for select device models .

Anyone have any clue what's going on? Any steps that I can take to solve this?

naman chavan]
Posted on 15-Sep-2018

Re:Can't unlock bootloader on US997

Olá amigo, fico feliz por estar no fórum compartilhando de seu relato conosco.
Não sei se poderei lhe ajudar, mas há uma assistência técnica em São Paulo que me ajudou a resolver o problema e pode prontamente lhe ajudar. Não custa nada conferir. Espero que consiga resolver seu problema e compartilhe conosco. Ficaremos muito feliz. Obrigado à você e à LG.

Posted on 24-Sep-2018