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LG V20 LG-US996 Unlock Bootloader?
So I'm trying to unlock the Bootloader on my V20, and when I go to enter my device ID and IMEI number into the LG Developer Unlock Bootloader @ It asks for my Device ID which I got from following the instructions properly, and the IMEI Number from my phone status menu. However, my problem is that it asks for an IMEI number that is 15 numbers long, and mine isn't.....It's 14. I try to input the first 15 numbers of the MEID Dec Number in the Status menu, but that just tells me it's incorrect as well. Is there something I'm missing here or am I being screwed somehow?
I'm using a US Cellular Network with my phone if that helps in anyway......
Posted on 19-Aug-2018

Re:LG V20 LG-US996 Unlock Bootloader?


Please share with us the IMEI of your phone at

Thank you.

Posted on 3-Sep-2018