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LG v20 H990DS unlock bootloader
Dear Lg developer

I have a LG v20 H990DS international Model use in KSA. Every think is working good after I factory reset then it’s started the boot loop, shows Lg boot screen and restart again and again.

I try to enter into Download mode (Vol+ then plug in to pc) but say Download mode please wait then continuous looping the lg logo. The only mode that I can get to is fast boot. Even doing a factory reset does not work.

I know only Fastboot mode is last hope for my phone alive.

I know the method of partition but problem is when I erase laf.img through fastboot mode its say device is lock cannot erase.

I check LG unlock bootloader page my device is not in listed.
Posted on 10-Jul-2018

Re:LG v20 H990DS unlock bootloader

I am very disappointed with lg support no help , my phone is stuck on bootloop only fastboot mode that i can get and last hope to alive if phone is unlock install rom.....

Posted on 17-Jul-2018