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Hello, I use LG devices since I started to use smartphones and I always liked it, for several factors, however, I am a software developer and I work with custom rom, and besides, I need to use BusyBox, terminal emulator, network proxy among other factors, which requires ROOT, but to have root, I need to unlock the bootloader, but my model is the H870I variant, different from the list of support that speaks that only supports the H870, being that the difference between the devices is only the internal memory that of 32 passed to 64GB, that's it, so I find it absurd that it does not have an unlock.bin file for use on the H870I, as I really need to unlock the bootloader, and for being a top-of-the-line smarthphone, it does not cost cheap, the minimum that you can do is give more freedom to the professional software developer when doing the bootloader, and ease of it, and it is not possible that you can not unlock the bootloader LG-H870I, because it has the same mod the fastboot recovery that the H870 has the option to enable OEM unlock, so it is totally able to do the bootloader unlock in the same way as the H870, without counting that without the bootloader unlock this phone is totally useless to me. So the least I expect is that you email me an unlock.bin file compatible with my phone, support this variant, or give me support to make the bootloader unlock somehow, within 1 week, otherwise I will consider that LG no longer meets the needs of more specific customers and left unsatisfied in several ways, I will change smartphone, pick another brand like Motorola, Samsumg, HTC or any other brand that is more attentive and respectful to the customer who is software developer, no more, thank you.

Raul Lançoni de Paula
Posted on 2-Jul-2018


Fully agree with you man.

Posted on 8-Jul-2018