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LGH990ds does not support unlocking of the bootloader?
I purchased an LG V20 (LGUS996) specifically so that I could unlock the bootloader for developer work. Under the battery of my phone, "LG-US996" is clearly shown as the model number, which appears in the list of devices that supports unlocking of the bootloader:
(You can see that it appears as "LG V20: US996.USA" which is the same as US996, or at least a sub-model, correct?)

But when I followed the steps "How to Unlock the Bootloader" ( I retrieved two IMEI numbers and the Device ID. Then, when I click the button at the bottom of that page "Starting Unlocking the Bootloader" it loads some embedded sub-page "Unlocking your Bootloader" where I am asked to specify the Phone, the IMEI or MEID, and the Device ID. I attempted to do this 2 times, but each time, instead of LG sending me the unlock.bin file via e-mail, the following error message appears in the browser window:

"Your device (LGH990ds) does not support unlocking the bootloader. Please check your model. Your account will be locked if you enter the wrong information more than 9 times."

I tried it with both IMEI numbers that were provided previously and it produced the same error.

My two questions are as follows:

1. So why am I getting a message that says that my device is "LGH990ds" when the actual physical phone says that it is "LG-US996"?

2. And why am I getting this error if I supposedly have a device that is in the list of supported devices (US996)?
Posted on 12-Jun-2018

Re: LGH990ds does not support unlocking of the bootloader?

Why has no one responded to my post?

I included copious details, so where is the LG support??

Posted on 24-Jun-2018

Re:LGH990ds does not support unlocking of the bootloader?


As we do not deal with IMEI problems, we can't help you at this moment.

If the IMEI information does not match your physical phone's information, please visit LG customer service center in your region and check this problem with them.
(To contact LG customer service center online, visit, select your regional site, and make an inquiry at Support > Contact Us.)

We are sorry that we can't be of much help.

Thank you.

Posted on 25-Jun-2018