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Device ID unmatched while unlocking bootloader
I have an LG G4 H815 (DEU), and while trying to unlock the bootloader, I get the following error message: Device ID unmatched while unlocking bootloader (And it also says something about locking my account after X amounts of wrong attempts.)

I am very sure that I am entering the IMEI and the Device-ID correctly.

I'd like to note that my device was repaired by LG under warranty, after it suffered from the bootloop issues a few months after I bought it. Whatever hardware they replaced must be causing this mismatch, because a different Device-ID is being generated than the one saved in LG's database. (My speculation)

I did send LG an e-mail about the issue with images of both the label stuck on the battery socket of my phone and the sticker on the side of the box that the phone came in. I also sent the device's IMEI and Device-ID in the same email to

However, I sent the email on Monday. It's now almost Thursday and I haven't received any reply from them to at least confirm that my email has been seen and read on the other end.

Is it usual for email replys to take long ? Are they ignoring me ? (LOL)
Tell me what you think. :)

Edit_1: LG finally replied, and informed me that they requested an update on the information of my phone, and that it will take anything from 2 to 10 business days. They also said that they will send me an email once the update has been done.
I'm very glad they replied. :)
Posted on 7-Feb-2018