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H840 Brazilian Unlock Bootloader
Good afternoon, I tried to unlock the bootloader of my device (Brazilian H840) and received the following message:
Unfortunately, your device (Brazil, Brazil) does not support unlocking the bootloader.

How do I proceed with the bootloader unlock?
or is it impossible? If that's the case, it's pitiful.
Posted on 26-Jan-2018

Re:H840 Brazilian Unlock Bootloader

Gastei tanto com o aparelho. Estou esperando até Hoje esse desbloqueio. Não custa muito para vocês fazerem isso por nós LG. Por favor.

Posted on 24-Jun-2018

Re:H840 Brazilian Unlock Bootloader


(Please understand in advance that we currently provide email support in English only.)

It depends on the LG policy in each region.

We notify the supported devices via our website and provide a way to unlock, but are not involved with the policy.

We are sorry that we can't be of much help.

Thank you.

Posted on 25-Jun-2018

Re:H840 Brazilian Unlock Bootloader

Region policy? What kind of region policy? Internal policy, really? Like "We don't want to, and that's it!"?
I've had several Android phones since Samsung Galaxy 3 I5800L w/Eclair 2.1 Android and this is the only one I can't even try to develop a custom rom to, and all phones were brazilian variants, I'm pretty sure you legally can unlock our Br h840 Bootloader...
If we came here trying to develop something it's because we know what to do and the risks, we ain't a common end-user trying to brick our phones, also because we need to do your job trying to keep our phones updated.
What made us buy this MID-range phone (definitely NOT even close to US LG G5 except for the price) was the previous OPEN SOURCE Android support on LG phones, as it should be...

Posted on 5-Aug-2018