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Unlocking of LG G5 H850 - IOT_H850_Marketing version
Dear LG support,

I am not able to unlock the IOT_H850_Marketing version of the LG G5. If tried to buy a LG G5 via second hand market in Germany and from three out of three tries I got a IOT_H850_Marketing version from three different parties. To me, it looks like there are more marketing version mobiles out there then regular ones.
For which reason does LG not support unlocking of Bootloader for this kind of devices and what is the technical difference between IOT_H850_Marketing and standard H859 anyhow?

If LG (or any other vendor) would provide android/security updates for a reasonable time (I'm talking of at least 5 years or more and not just 18 month), there would be less need to unlock the bootloader and put a custom rom on the device..

Hoping to get some help to unlock my device..
Posted on 12-Nov-2017

Re:Unlocking of LG G5 H850 - IOT_H850_Marketing version

Same problem here. Bought a Dutch device, which turned out to be a former marketing device.

So meanwhile, are there any options to provide an unlock.bin file for a "IOT-H850-Marketing" device? E. g. after handing in the invoice to the developer support? Unfortunately, there haven't been any (official) explanations or answers yet.

If there are plenty of options to unlock the bootloader of every classic european H850-device, then LG won't actually be able to dismiss the issue out of handy just by referring to the general unlock policy in europe. Plus obviously there are simply no technical differences between both versions at all.

Posted on 22-Dec-2017

Re:Unlocking of LG G5 H850 - IOT_H850_Marketing version


IOT_H850_Marketing is a sample model for marketing.
It is not for sale, and it does not support bootloader unlocking.

If you didn't receive correct information about your phone when you bought it, please contact the seller.

If you bought that phone from LG official store, please contact LG customer service center in your region.
(To contact LG customer service center online, visit, select your regional site, and make an inquiry at Support > Contact Us.)

Thank you.

Posted on 22-Dec-2017

Re:Unlocking of LG G5 H850 - IOT_H850_Marketing version

I ran into the same issue here. Recently bought a second hand device and didn't know it was a marketing version. The phone works just fine but there seems to be no way to unlock the bootlader. I informed the seller but got no answer yet.
I get the need to protect the device when it just came out, but two years after it's been on the market, LG could lift the restrictions...

Posted on 18-Jun-2018

Re:Unlocking of LG G5 H850 - IOT_H850_Marketing version

I have the same problem. I bought a second hand device, and it`s IOT_Marketing h850. It is a chance to unlock bootloader?

Posted on 19-Jun-2018