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I am fine to pay for the repair if any thing under my care were spoiled.

LG expect me to pay S$400 for a perfectly fine motherboard when at the same time LOCKING the bootloader to prevent us from fixing our own phone that we brought with cold cash.

I am fine to pay a fee to repair the OS or have the phone bootloader unlocked(Although I have no idea why do I need to pay to unlock my OWN phone!).

Dont repeat what your customer service co-worker had told me and allow me TO UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER for christ's sake.

I need this phone repaired or bootloader unlocked now.



Dear C K Yong

Thank you for writing to LG.
Your mobile phone was found to be rooted by our technician.
As mentioned in our warranty terms "The Product when covered under this warranty shall include only its original configuration, design or specifications. The warranty will be rendered void if the Product has been improperly modified, adjusted or tampered."
As such, your warranty is void due to rooting and you will be charged for any repair.

Thank you and have a nice day ahead!

Best regards,
LG Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd


Received Date : 17/09/2017 21:01 05
The type of inquiry : How to obtain Repair Service?
Product/Model No. : Smart Phone/Emerging Device/LGH990DS

I bricked my phone and it is in bootloop. I have spent my own weekend trying to FIX IT. Even went down to customer service on Saturday 16 Sep.
I have tried all your online software to factory reset the phone from LGUP, Bridge, PC Suite and ETC ETC. I intend to fastboot the phone to realise that it is lock.

This is definitely a software problem but your customer service tell me the motherboard has to be changed for a fee of SGD$400 plus.

Is LG MAD? So its either I pay almost 500 dollars to fix a perfectly fine piece of hardware or I just have to throw it into the sea. This is ridiculous! I spend a thousand dollars for this HP and I am restricted by LG to continue using LG phone. This is my first LG phone and till now, am utterly disappointed with the support and policy. Even Samsung and Apple dont have such audacity to do what LG is doing.

Please allow me to unlock the bootloader and start using the phone again. I need it for work for goodness sake.


Posted on 18-Sep-2017