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unlock code for V20c-TWN_EG-XX

I have a G4 (LG-H815) with locked bootloader, TWN firmware, version V20c-TWN_EG-XX, security patch from 2016-01-01
The firmware hasn't been updated for a LONG time. Following the huge amount of security problems in Android, and specially the recent Broadcom exploit, I urgently need an updated firmware.

My questions are:
1. Are you going to update the firmware for the TWN versions soon?
2. If not, I request an unlock code for my phone, so I can install one of the custom ROMs available. I know it will void my warranty, but security is much more important. I will send the IMEI and device id on request.

I'd appreciate a quick reply (which I didn't get yet from other sources).

Posted on 8-Aug-2017