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Non-supported devices
I am really curious about the reasons why LG (actually, any phone seller) would not want to satisfy its clients' needs if it doesn't cost them a single dollar (or yen or tael or euro or bitcoin or whatever).

My case: I purchased an LG X Style (K200) with the precise idea of rooting it to install a ROM that I really like; after more than one month searching and trying almost every unlock/root tool available, all of which failed to root/unlock the device. I can't use the phone in the way I'd like to, and thus have become pretty (and sadly) disappointed with it and its makers.

¿Result? I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM LG AGAIN and will go back to HTC, as they do make a serious and constant effort to keep their customers satisfied. If anybody wants to see what I am talking about, just go and take a look at
Posted on 4-Aug-2017

Re:Non-supported devices


The choice was between the LG G6 H870DS and a Galaxy S8. If I had known that unlocking the bootloader wasn't supported, I would have gone with the S8.
If I could return the G6, I would. Just because of this.

My time in Korea left me with the impression that Koreans are incredibly skilled and capable. That the H870DS is not supported is extremely disappointing and an embarrassment to the legacy of "Lucky Goldstar".

You can be sure I will tell people to buy a different device because of this.


Posted on 16-Aug-2017