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H870 Variants for bootloader unlock...
Have read at least 10 people with G6 on XDA returning phones due to the fact they cant get root access, come on LG why do this it only hurts LG sales, I have the H870 South Africa (ZAF) variant but will probably return it too as my development path is limited as I cant get root!!! Come on, get with the times LG.
Posted on 16-Jun-2017

Re:H870 Variants for bootloader unlock...

Me too!! I got H870 ZAF and I love the phone, but I just want to THROW IT AGAINST THE WALL!!! WTF!!
FUCK YOU LG!!! It's MY device, I bought it, so I can do whatever I want with it!!!
If I buy a PC, don't I get ADMIN access/privileges?? Don't I get root??? Yes I do!!! So, this is MY phone, I want ADMIN accesse, I want ROOT!!!

Posted on 19-Jul-2017