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A question to LG

I have a simple question for you, LG.

Can you please describe how you decide which device will support bootloader unlocking and which will not? What makes a device "worth" being bootloader unlockable?

Also, when do you plan to add fastboot commands to the T-Mobile LG G6? And why did you leave them out in the first place? As you may know, its bootloader can be unlocked, but that's about it. You cannot boot or flash a custom recovery because the said functions are commented out in the bootloader's code.

Thanks in advance.
Posted on 19-May-2017

Re:A question to LG


The choice was between the LG G6 H870DS and a Galaxy S8. If I had known that unlocking the bootloader wasn't supported, I would have gone with the S8.
If I could return the G6, I would. Just because of this.

My time in Korea left me with the impression that Koreans are incredibly skilled and capable. That the H870DS is not supported is extremely disappointing and an embarrassment to the legacy of "Lucky Goldstar".
And let's not talk about the boot loop issue.

You can be sure I will tell people to buy a different device because of this.


Posted on 16-Aug-2017