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Cant login = return to login page after login
Web site not working i click and website and loginy lg developer account then i enter my acount i clik login but after website loading and again want login and again cant page auto refreshing.

Chrome, cookies deleted
Posted on 17-May-2017

Re:Cant login = return to login page after login

same problem

Posted on 5-Jun-2017

Re:Cant login = return to login page after login


Had the same problem when trying to unlock LG G6 bootloader.
Ok, there seems to be an exploit that was of use to me...

Upon creating an account for LG Developer you don't right away set a nickname...
When entering this forum post i was able to be logged in (notice the "My Account" link in the top right corner)...
To be able to reply to a forum post you of course need a nickname, so once you click on reply you should be sent to an account edit page that asks you for a different password (dont know why though) and a nickname...
When you're done filling that in and the pop-up says it is saved dont close the tab! Instead click the dropdown menu in the top right corner and navigate to LG Mobile Developer, select Unlock Bootloader...

And there you go, it should keep you signed in... At least for me it did...

Sadly I found this exploit on my phone, and didnt now my device-id at that time... sooooo I had to redo all this (notice my nickname).... Oh btw.... I had to delete the cookies when creating the second account, otherwise it wouldn't let me access the forum at all...

Good luck with trying :D

Posted on 5-Jun-2017

Re:Cant login = return to login page after login


Posted on 16-Jun-2017

Re:Cant login = return to login page after login

I have the same problem :(

Posted on 26-Jun-2017

Re:Cant login = return to login page after login

had the same problem. Finally only Edge worked for me. Before that I tried different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Chromium) on Ubuntu without success. For almost every page I was redirected to login page.

Hey LG: something is wrong with your site. Not looking good for a developer corner :(

Posted on 27-Jun-2017