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Changed IMEI, unlock possibility ?
Hi admins

I have LG G5 H850 European versiyon.
But i am not using original LG fabrication IMEI
My on device different phone's IMEI..
I did try original imei with unlock.bin flash, but i get "wrong code" message..
What can I do that ? what any solution ?
Thanks just for helping
Best Regards
Posted on 23-Feb-2017

Re:Changed IMEI, unlock possibility ?


We are not sure exactly what problem you are having.

Do you mean that the IMEI of your phone's label (which is placed behind the battery) is different from that of the phone's system (which is displayed when entering *#06#)?

If so, we can't help you. In that case, please visit LG customer service center in your region and check the problem with them.

Thank you.

Posted on 27-Feb-2017