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Wrong Device-ID
Dear Dev-Team
When I enter my IMEI and Device-ID in order to receive the Unlock-Code on the unlocking website it says that these two dont match. C&P of the Device-ID and tried it about 5 times and checked the IMEI way too many times carefully.

Could a mainboard replacement be the cause?
If so can I still unlock the bootloader somehow?

Using H-815
Posted on 24-Jan-2017

Re:Wrong Device-ID


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

It may not match due to a replacement of parts.

For checking and updating the information of the phone, we kindly request you to send us the following at
- The Device ID copied from the DOS command window as text.
(You can copy the Device ID with the right button of your mouse.)
- A label photo file (less than 300KB) taken from the back of the phone.
(You can find the label when you remove the battery.)

** In the photo, the label must be visible on the back of the phone.
A label photo of the box package or a label photo without the back side of the phone will not be accepted.

Thank you.

Posted on 25-Jan-2017

Re:Wrong Device-ID

I have the same problem, what i have to do?

Posted on 21-Sep-2017