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Unblock Bootloader LG G4 Beat (LG-H735P)
Hello friends,
I have a LG G4Beat to which I have not been able to restart it in recovery mode nor bootloader, I tried to unlock the bootloader from the page but this device is not inside the supported devices. What can I do to access the bootloader mode and root my device?

Hola amigos,
Yo tengo un LG G4Beat al que no he podido de ninguna manera reiniciarlo en modo recovery ni tampoco bootloader, intenté desbloquear el bootloader desde la página pero éste dispositivo no está dentro de los dispositivos soportados. ¿Que puedo hacer para acceder al bootloader en mi dispositivo?
Posted on 13-Jan-2017

Re:Unblock Bootloader LG G4 Beat (LG-H735P)


In accordance with LG's policy, you can only unlock bootloader for the supported devices.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If there are any changes to the supported devices, we will let you know via our website.

Thank you.

Posted on 16-Jan-2017