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You have two European cell phone models that can have the bootloader unlocked. Only one US variant available at this time. I am in the US and have the LG G5 RS988 model. If I am to work at developing apps etc for LG, it would be more beneficial for me to have the bootloader unlocked. Will you assist me in following through with this request. Thank you in advance, Roger
Posted on 31-Dec-2016

Re:Unlock Bootloader


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If there are any changes to the supported devices, we will let you know via our website.

Thank you.

Posted on 2-Jan-2017

Re:Unlock Bootloader

I don't know what is wrong with you LG. I'm paying for the device so by law it is legally my device and you should not stop me of unlocking the bootloader in any way. PC and all the tablets no mater what type of device they are still a computer and should be treated as such. I got Lg G5 H860 and I can say only your policy is worst then even Apple devices. Can you , Please realize one thing
I pay for it I own it if I brick it it is my problem and even I brick the software you still have to fix it if is hardware problem. Can you finally start generating unlock keys for your bootloaders or you can G.F.U.S and never ever LG device in the future.

Posted on 5-Jan-2017

Re:Unlock Bootloader

HOW I CAN UNLOCK BOOTLOADER MY LG G5 H860 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Posted on 2-Mar-2017

Re:Unlock Bootloader

Sir the main reason why I use an Android Device is what you just say.
I can't understand why software is a part of things that will end your warranty. Can't you just trust on your HARDWARE?
And BTW, Never LG Again. Never Ever Ever Ever.
The device is awesome, but customer happiness is SH!T.
It's like I bagged them to give me a device for free and they just by condescending gave me the device.

Posted on 5-Mar-2017

Re:Unlock Bootloader

I have flogged my H840 on ebay. I will count my losses and get what I can from it and buy a decent phone. I will never go near LG devices ever again. It's so annoying they just copy and paste the same crap to everyone. We paid a lot of money for this device and we understand our warranty is void when we unlock the bootloader.

Posted on 27-Mar-2017

Re:Unlock Bootloader


The choice was between the LG G6 H870DS and a Galaxy S8. If I had known that unlocking the bootloader wasn't supported, I would have gone with the S8.
If I could return the G6, I would. Just because of this.

My time in Korea left me with the impression that Koreans are incredibly skilled and capable. That the H870DS is not supported is extremely disappointing and an embarrassment to the legacy of "Lucky Goldstar".
And let's not talk about the boot loop issue.

You can be sure I will tell people to buy a different device because of this.


Posted on 16-Aug-2017

Re:Unlock Bootloader

Please, tell me why all g5 phones exept h860 have a ulock bootloader function??? It's a discrimination!!!
Give it to the people!!!

Posted on 26-Aug-2017

Re:Unlock Bootloader

Dear LG,

Once again it is with great disappointment that we must point out that you messed up Big-time; Again ?! Why can't a person whom purchased their phone rightfully theirs, unlock the bootloader in canada (LGH873). I mean WTF guys, the whole entire reason we took the G6 was because it was a huge step up in your game from the G5, non the less, you found an outstanding way to once again f-up a perfectly good situation. I have 3 days left to return my phone if I wish and take the S8, I'm honestly considering it atm. All I wanted to do was flash TWRP and then Run that Kali-Nethunter, but once again, your childish behavior has found a way to turn an incredible phone into a worthless NOKIA, damn. A word of advice from a very aggravated customer, stick to Washing Machines and Refrigerators. Don't ever jump again into the phone industry. If you wish to do so again, read about Porter's 5 Forces of Competition, considering you guys need all the help you need atm. Good Day.

Posted on 27-Aug-2017