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LGG4 H818 Bootloader解锁程序
我非常期待能够将LGG4 H818解锁 我希望我的手机能够用上更好的ROM
我相信很多人和我一样 毕竟现在H818还是android5.1的版本 但是现在最新的已经7.1.1了!!!
Posted on 28-Dec-2016

Re:LGG4 H818 Bootloader解锁程序


Please understand in advance that we currently provide email support in English only.

We currently have no plan to support bootloader unlocking for the H818.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

If there are any changes to the supported devices, we will let you know via our website.

Thank you.

Posted on 2-Jan-2017