LG V60 Thinq Locked Bootloader

● SDK Type: Dual Screen SDK

I wear a medical device that is app driven. About the first of this year I upgraded from my Samsung S9+ phone to the LG V60 Thinq but I didn't know at that time was this phone is not currently supported by the app developer until FDA approval for this phone is approved. I had opened the developer menu and the OEM unlock option is not even shown. There is a 3rd party app that partially works with the phone but keeps crashes and I have to re-install the APK file. I have had many phone conversations with tech support and I am told this:

1) This phone does not have a bootloader.
2) LG can not unlock US V60 phones - yet on the web page they talk about unlocking the bootloader!!

I really need to get my phone rooted. Can anyone please help me with this option. LG tech support is basically useless with this problem.
Posted on 25-Jun-2021