With regard to Android API Level 29 smartphone application delovelopment

● SDK Type: Wing SDK

Hello, Support,

I'm a Android Smartphone Application developer. We are planning to support Android API Level 29. In this app, you can connect to a certain wireless SSID by calling the API, but under certain conditions, there is an event that you can not connect from the app on your Android device. This does not occur on Google Pixel devices made by Google. I think it is caused by your Android customization, can you tell me how to deal with it? If it would be a bug on your OS, please kindly release fixed software.
Because I didn't know the SDK Type, anyway I chose Wing SDK.

From the WiFi OS setting screen, connect to a specific WiFi SSID and keep the WiFi connection information stored.

The API (WifiNetworkSpecifier) ​​is called from the app. The operation repeats connection and disconnection, and eventually, the connection is not possible. If you forget the WiFi connection information on the OS side, the above operation does not occur and you can connect.

Model Name: LM-G900N
Android Version: 10
Software Version: G900N10s
Posted on 14-Dec-2020