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I was wondering if there is any way to flash the google fi firmware for the lg v35 to the att version of the lg v35. I want to switch carriers from att to google fi and would like a fully functional version of the google fi variant., As the phones are identical in everyway except firmware. Please list any possibilities to do this as I don't really want to buy a google fi variant just to have the added functions. The phones are identical they shouldn't be locked down like that when both firmwares are legitimate lg and for the same exact hardware.. Any help would be great...
Posted on 8-Jan-2019

Re:Lg v35 thinq


Sorry for the late reply.

For questions about the software, please contact LG customer service center in your region.
(To contact LG customer service center online, visit, select your regional site, and make an inquiry at Support > Contact Us.)

As LG Developer is dedicated to supporting developers creating applications with LG SDKs, please understand that we are limited in providing direct support to you in this case.

Thank you.

Posted on 21-Jan-2019