Closing the General forum
Hello all,
First of all, thank you for using the LG Mobile developer site.

As LG Mobile Developer is dedicated to help with technical issues caused when developers create applications with LG Mobile SDKs, please understand that we have been limited in providing direct support and guidance and respond to general inquiries related to LG mobile products.

For this reason, the General forum will be closed from January 31, 2019, and we cannot respond to general inquiries.

To avoid inconvenience in using the site when registering your inquiries in the future, please refer to the following information.

• For development inquiries related to LG Mobile SDKs
- Please use the SUPPORT > Forums > SDK forum.
- Please make sure to select the SDK Type you are inquiring about.

• For general inquiries other than LG Mobile SDKs
- For product-related inquiries, please visit the Support page on each regional site at
- You can inquire through chat, email, or telephone etc.

Thank you again.
Posted on 31-Jan-2019