LG G7 Bootloop Fix!!!
LG has put an update on LG Bridge that fixes all the bootloop issues...

You need a functional phone... To do this, try SIM-in-SIM-out method (Page 16 on XDA thread: if you have some important data (do it with non-T-Mobile SIM card) or hard reset (remove the SIM before)... In both cases, don't insert the SIM inside before all the steps.

Download LG Bridge software from and install it...

Connect your functional device (be sure your phone can access to app menu without going into bootloop) to your PC and wait till it recognizes it (if it doesn't, connect using AirDrive)

Go to software updates screen and check for updates... You will have to wait a pretty long time till the update downloads, so be patient... Don't unplug your phone before you see the unlock screen with background... 5.After all of it is done, unplug the USB and insert your T-Mobile SIM... You can now enjoy the fully functional phone that doesn't bootloop... FetLife
Posted on 27-Jan-2019