Faking location on Android 9
I'm 22 and my parents made me put a tracking app on my phone so they could see where I am all the time. I was able to work around it with fake GPS apps for a while, but since I just updated my Moto X4 to Android 9, I can't set the location mode to "Device Only." Consequently, no fake location apps will work! Is there a safe and simple way to revert to an older system? Does anyone have any other ideas for possible solutions?

There isn't really a legitimate reason for them asking me to put the app on my phone. I'm very responsible and straight edge. They just have really severe OCD, anxiety, and control issues. They would freak out if they knew I went to a bar, or was even just staying out at a friend's late / overnight. They panic if I even drive anywhere that's more than 20 miles away. They think of the world as a really dangerous place full of bad people and are always concerned for my safety.

I know some people might say it's none of their business and I should just remove the app or that I should just tell them where I'm headed, but they've both suffered a lot of trauma in their lives, and become incredibly anxious. There have been times when they knew I was in a location they deemed to be unsafe, or when they didn't know exactly where I was, and they worked themselves up into panic attacks and had full on heart attacks.

I just want to find a solution that enables me to exercise a little more mobility without stressing them out!
Posted on 24-Jan-2019