LG GATE(Guarded Access To Enterprise) is an enterprise mobile solutions for LG mobile devices.

In an era where mobile devices are increasingly used for business needs, LG GATE provides peace of mind to both corporate IT managers and employees. With powerful capabilities and government-grade security, LG GATE creates a secure and efficient mobile work environment for all users.

LG GATE SDK is only open to partners of LG Mobile Developer. To become a partner, please refer to How to Get LG GATE SDK

Key Features

LG GATE is comprised of four core technologies that deliver enhanced enterprise solutions, enabling the security and manageability of enterprise data.

Platform Security

LG GATE keeps confidential work content protected from unauthorized use—even if your mobile device is lost or stolen—with LG GATE’s data encryption.

Enhanced Secure Boot

Guarantees the integrity of the device software starting from a hardware root of trust up to the system partition.

  • Verified Boot*, dm-verity*
  • More secure algorithm (SHA-256) and longer key size (RSA2048)


boot sequence of LG devices

* Native  Android Features

Data Protection

Safeguards your corporate data on-device without compromising security or sacrificing performance.

1. Default Data Encryption*
    Full-disk encryption out of the box

2. Hardware Accelerated Encryption**
    More secure & faster encryption process

3. Enhanced SD card Encryption
    Strong encryption algorithm (AES-256)


SD card is encrypted with AES 256 algorithm

* Native  Android Features

** The FIPS140-2 certification for select chipsets is gotten by chipset vendor.

Key & Certificate Protection

Protects the keys used for data encryption and the certificates in Android KeyStore using TrustZone.LG devices protects the keys used for data encryption and the certificates in Android KeyStore using TrustZone.

  • Enhanced Key Management
    TZ-based encryption key generation*
    U.S. Federal Government requirement compliance
  • TZ-based Certificate Management**
    TZ-based certificate storage & management


* The TZ-based Key Protection feature is applied on select models.

** Native  Android Features


Enforces MAC(Mandatory Access Control) over all processes to minimize vulnerability.


SELinix enforces MAC(Mandatory Access Control)

* SELinux : Security Enhanced Linux

Network Security

As productivity outside the office increases, so does vulnerability.

LG GATE allows you to download and access confidential documents securely, wherever you go.

LG VPN Client

Secure and seamless connection via major VPN protocols to enterprise intranet.

  • Meets FIPS140-2 (U.S Federal Gov. Standard)
  • Compatible with major VPN gateways
    - CheckPoint, Cisco, Fortinet FortiGate, Juniper, NETGEAR ProSafe, SonicWALL, StrongSwan, ZyXEL, StoneSoft, Windows Server


LG VPN Client compatible with major VPN gateways

Application Security

LG GATE protects the sensitive information in your work emails before they’re even sent, plus control who opens, replies or forwards them.

Enhanced EAS

Extends the support of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync policies so you can seamlessly and securely access corporate email while on the go.

  • Simple Sync
    Simple Email, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks syncing among devices

    Simple Sync

  • Secure Email
    - Recipients can only open, edit, reply, forward, or print the email and contents given the email author’s authorization
    - S/MIME* and IRM** support

    Secure Email



*  S/MIME - a security-oriented superset of Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)

** IRM – Information Rights Management (control the rights recipients have for e-mail)

Enterprise Mobility Management

LG GATE keeps an entire on-the-go workforce secure can be daunting, but LG GATE partners with industry-leading MDMs to ensure the highest level of security.

LG MDM API Extensions

Provide extension of MDM APIs to enhance Security & Manageability of mobile devices remotely.

  • Configuration & ManagementLG MDM partners
    - Email – EAS, IMAP and POP3
    - VPN, Wi-Fi configuration
    - Application & Certificate management
  • Granular Device Control
    - Hardware, Network, Security
  • Device & Data Protection
    - Wipe data or lock device when lost
    - Strong password policies
    - Rooting detection
    - Device & SD card encryption

LG MDM API Extensions

LG creates extended MDM APIs in Android framework so that ISVs can leverage them.

LG MDM architecture

LG MDM features can benefit enterprises only if enterprises adopt LG MDM partner’s solution

Android for Work

Android for Work and LG GATE naturally go hand in hand, as Android for Work runs on LG GATE platform and leverages LG GATE network capabilities. 

Key Features

  • Enhanced Security
    - Control data and privacy with  multi-level protection
    - Separate work and personal apps
  • Simplified Management
    - Built-in productivity tools 
  • Open Platform for Innovation
    - Business apps on Google Play™
    - Enjoy a familiar Android experience

Main Benefits

  • Use your own device - Separate business apps from personal ones so you can use your LG device for both work and play.
  • Work smarter - Put Android’s power, flexibility and choice to work for you—anytime, from anywhere with best-in-class productivity apps.
  • Protect personal data - Set up a dedicated work profile for business content that never mixes with your personal content, so IT can’t see or erase your photos, emails, or other personal data.

In addition, the LG MDM APIs provide a unique capability that it can help businesses to make their EMM(Enterprise Mobility Management) choices outside Android for Work, depending on use cases.


How to Get LG GATE SDK

Please download and fill out the Application Form and send us it via email at gate-partnership@lge.com

When you become a LG GATE partner, you will find the LG GATE SDK Download menu.


mobile application gate process


How to Develop Applications with LG GATE SDK

LG R&D will guide you how to develop your applications with LG GATE SDK on our partner collaboration website after you become the LG GATE partner.

Collaboration Website

App Development

App Signing

LG R&D will create your accounts on our partner collaboration website. You can get help from LG R&D on the website.

You should develop your app with LG GATE SDK. You can ask questions and request app signings on the collaboration website.

You need to submit your unsigned app on the collaboration website. LG key is required for signing your app and LG R&D will sign your app.

Without app signing, your app cannot access to LG GATE APIs on LG devices. LG R&D may provide a user-debug flashing service on your device for development and debugging purpose if you send a device to LG R&D team.