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LG Wing Emulator (Android Virtual Device) for Linux

  • LGWingLinuxEmulator-v1.0.zipJun 05, 2020892MB 다운로드
    · Bug Fix : Power key does not work correctly when emuator is in swivel mode.
    · Change Emulator Skin GUI
  • LGWingLinuxEmulator-v0.9.zipJun 05, 2020884MB 다운로드
    New features
    · Support device rotation with swivel mode
    · Apply device skin GUI

    Known issues
    · Only the Main Screen is turned on and off with power key
  • LGWingLinuxEmulator-v0.7.zipMay 06, 2020930MB 다운로드
    QEMU Emulator with swivel mode support.
    · swivel button is added.
    · swivel UI is added
    * "Auto-rotate screen" option should be enabled before testing swivel operation

    Known issue
    · Second Screen policy of Emulator is different from Device.
    · Device : When device is booted, Second Screen is added.
    · Emulator : When swiveling , Second Screen is added.
    * You can receive swivel mode callback normally only after Second Screen is added.
    This issue will be fixed in the next release.

Install Emulator

Decompress the downloaded LGWingLinuxEmulator-3.tar.gz file in the ~/LGWingEmulator/.
After the decompression, the ~/LgWingEmulator/LgWing folder includes the following files.


emu : Emulator folder

SYS_IMG : Android System Image folder

wingRun.cmd : Emulator executable file

Running the Emulator

Run the wingRun.cmd file in the LgWing folder to launch the emulator.

Use Emulator

This chapter describes how to use LG Wing Emulator.

Screen Configuration of LG Wing Emulator

LG Wing Emulator screens are divided into Normal mode and swivel up mode.

  • 1) swivel down(single) mode

    swivel down(single) mode

  • 2) swivel up mode

    swivel up mode

  • 3) Swivel Mode change : Click the swing switch to toggle between the swivel down model and the swivel up mode.

    Swivel Mode change