LG Wing




LG Wing is a new form-factor high-end smartphone with a hidden Second Screen which is revealed by swiveling the Main Screen. LG Wing’s two screens allow users enjoy many different types of multitasking.

Unlike Screen of V50 or V50s, which has the same screen size, LG Wing’s Second Screen 1.15:1 ratio and its size is half of the Main Screen.

Because of its compactness, LG Wing has much improved portability compared to screen smart phones. The added screen size is smaller, but the multitasking usability is still same.

Therefore LG Wing provides the most useful form factor for users who value portability and love multitasking.

Watching a Movie & Texting


The “Main-Second” Dual Screen of the LG Wing offers the following key features.

  • · Users can smoothly multitask between any two independent apps by utilizing both the Main and Second Screens.
  • · Developers are encouraged to take advantage of the Dual Screen’s “One App Extension Mode”, which allows additional · app functionalities to be displayed on both screens.
  • · As both screens rotate following the phone’s orientation, comfortable use is ensured regardless of the direction of rotation.
  • · Users can pre-select certain pairs of apps to be displayed simultaneously.

Two Apps, One App Extension Mode, App Switching