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UI Guideline

LG WatchUI Guideline


LG Watch W7 offers a new experience that's different from any other smart watch. Subminiature analog gear box is mounted on the smart watch so that the hour and minute hands move just like an analog watch. And, LG Watch W7 is equipped with ‘Wear OS by Google’ which is the new name for Android Wear, so smart functions can be provided promptly and stably.

The LG Watch W7 can connect to
a smartphone using Bluetooth,
allowing you to check various notifications
of a phone call, SMS and mobile messenger.

The LG Watch W7 can
connect to a smartphone
using Bluetooth

You can also use Google Fit to measure your physical fitness activities. LG Watch W7 is also equipped with various sensors that measure the acceleration, geomagnetic, gyro and pressure. So you can use various additional functions such as compass, stopwatch, timer, altimeter and barometer.

UI Layout

The screen of the LG Watch W7 is configured as below.

Obstruction, Obstruction area, Obstruction display

Obstruction, Obstruction area, Obstruction display description
no Items Description
1 Obstruction This part is for mounting the physical hour and minute hands, and it exists as a black circular shape with a radius of 28 pixels in the middle of the screen.
2 Obstruction area This is a rectangular area where the obstruction exists. The coordinates of obstruction area are (152,152, 208, 208) for (top, left, bottom, right). This part is hidden by default on the application screen.
3 Obstruction display This indicates the display where the obstruction exists. The size of the obstruction display in the LG Watch W7 is 360X360 pixels.

You can see the contents hidden by the obstruction area using the UpView function.

The UpView function moves the whole screen up when the top button among the physical buttons on the right side of LG Watch W7 is pressed.

The hidden contents can be moved up and viewed using the UpView button. Refer to image below for the position of the buttons.

Upview button

The image below shows screen before and after the UpView function is used.

Before using the Upview function, After using the Upview function