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Download SDK

LG GateDownload SDK

Click here to download the LG GATE SDK for partners.

How to Get LG GATE SDK

Please download and fill out the Application Form and send us it via email at gate-partnership@lge.com.
When you become a LG GATE partner, you will find the LG GATE SDK Download menu.

  1. Download Application Form
    Download the application form for LG GATE SDK
  2. Create LG Account
    Click “Sign In” to create LG Account if you don’t have one.
  3. Apply for Partner ship
    Fill in the and send us it via email (gate-partnership@lge.com).
    * LG account must be filled in.
  4. Become a Partner
    We will review your application form and inform you of the result. You can download LG GATE SDK after you be come a partner.

How to Develop Applications with LG GATE SDK

LG R&D will guide you how to develop your applications with LG GATE SDK on our partner collaboration website after you become the LG GATE partner.

Collaboration Website App Development App Signing
LG R&D will create your accounts on our partner collaboration website.
You can get help from LG R&D on the website.
You should develop your app with LG GATE SDK. You can ask questions and request app signings on the collaboration website. You need to submit your unsigned app on the collaboration website. LG key is required for signing your app and LG R&D will sign your app.