Technical FAQ How do I know the OS update schedule for LG mobile devices? 24-Jan-2019
Please contact LG customer service center in your region.To contact LG customer service center online, visit www.lg.com/common, select your regional site, and make an inquiry at Support > Contact Us.
Technical FAQ How do I ask if I have any questions during development? 24-Jan-2019
If you have questions related to LG Mobile SDKs, please go to SUPPORT > Forums > SDK forum to ask questions.In forum, our developer will soon answer your question.
Technical FAQ What can I do if error occurs during requesting bootloader unlock key? 15-Nov-2016
Please let us know the full error message and the IMEI of your phone ​at devbootloader@lge.com.A screenshot of the error encountered will also be helpful to find the problem.Please understand that if your question is answered the FAQs, we may not…
Technical FAQ How to download and install USB drivers for LG Android devices? 15-Nov-2016
With an Android-powered device, you can debug your Android applications just as you would on the emulator.  Downloading USB DriverIf you don’t have USB driver for LG Android device, you can download it from the product support page…
Technical FAQ How do I set up Android Development Environment? 15-Nov-2016
The following describes how to set up Android development environment.  Step 1: Install JDKIf you do not have Java Development Kit (JDK) installed on your computer, you need to install it. You can download it from Java SE Download.…
Technical FAQ What is API Level? 15-Nov-2016
API Level is an integer value that uniquely identifies the framework API revision offered by a version of the Android platform.The table below specifies the API Level supported by each version of the Android platform.  …
About Site [Forum] How can I monitor my forum and be notified when my question gets answered? 13-Nov-2016
Our community forums provide a monitoring (or watching if you prefer) feature so that you can be notified by mail when a new post or a reply to your question is posted. Simply press the Monitor button at the bottom of your forum page, and proceed…
About Site [Forum] Formatting sample code on forum 13-Nov-2016
You can format your code in your post for forum. We recommend you to use this feature, because some of the characters in code are recognized as real code of the webpage. To format your code, start your code block with [code] and end it with…
About Site Chrome browser is recommended for this site 13-Nov-2016
Chrome browser is best recommended for this site. For IE, IE 11 or above is available.
About Site Who runs LG Mobile Developer Site? 13-Nov-2016
LG Mobile Developer is managed and run by Mobile Communications Company of LG Electronics.