Unlock Bootloader (Read-only)

BOYCOTT LG *** until ALL bootloaders are unlocked *** BOYCOTT LG
You do realize how much money LG is losing by this piss poor decision to lock bootloaders. Do a Google search for LG and customer reviews, #1 is LOCKED bootloaders, consumer affairs has LG at a terrible, 1 star. Go on XDA, #1 complaint, locked bootloaders, WHY no one buys LG, locked bootloader. If you wish to remain in business longer than Blackberry, take my advice BEFORE its to late. LG will be a company we once discussed in the past but will not be here in the future if they dont change. TRUST me, offer unlock bootloaders, and watch the sales skyrocket! You will become the Android giant in NO time until then, LG is LOSING money! I dont get WHY they made a decision to ACTUALLY TURN AWAY CUSTOMERS?!

Please pass this onto your manager, and their manager, until it reaches someone who cares about keeping LG in business. I for one, am gone after my lease is up, NEVER will I buy or use another LG product while you lock bootloaders and remain locked! I have been treated better at the DMV than LG support. On top of the locked bootloader, my device is STILL OCTOBER security! WTF?! Ever heard of security updates, oh no, you will wait until there is a damaging exploit found then a class action lawsuit.

Its sad, really sad, the phone is phenomenal, more than enough power, runs great and would be my number 1 recommendation but it sucks with a locked bootloader. No one can develop nor use it the way we want to use it so good luck staying alive when no one buys the piece of crap devices.
Posted on 23-Jan-2019