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Automate App - How to wait until a given time of day?
If anyone here has experience with the Automate app, please help. I've been at this for a few hours now and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm trying to get one of my fibers to wait until a certain time of day, then continue to the next block. I thought using the "Time Window" block would achieve this, but I guess not. The wiki page for it claims that

If is set to Inexact or Exact, then the fiber will pause until the time of day and proceed through the YES path (every odd visit), or until the end of the duration and proceed through the NO path (every even visit). MX Player

Here is what my Time Window block configuration looks like.UC Browser
Based on the wiki article, I should just be able to include the Time of Day value I would like it to proceed at, correct? Even if I connect both the YES and NO path to the block I'd like to proceed to, nothing happens. Changing the time several hours past the set Time of Day does nothing as well. Am I configuring the wrong values? Am I using the wrong block?
Posted on 23-Jan-2019