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Unlock bootloader G7 Thinq
hi, I purchased the G7 Thinq model (self-contained) for research purposes.
(model name is G710N10P)

I want to change the firmware, but it does not connect to the device when I run the "fastboot" command.
I installed driver installation, Android sdk, and so on.
But, The "fastboot oem device-id" command only shows "<waiting for device ..>".
It does not connect even if it waits for a long time.

How can I use "fastboot"?

(I would appreciate it if you reply in Korean.)
Posted on 12-Sep-2018

Re:Unlock bootloader G7 Thinq


본 사이트에서 제공하는 가이드는 지원 모델을 기반으로 하고 있어
지원되지 않는 모델에서는 동작 사항이 다를 수 있습니다.

큰 도움을 드리지 못해 죄송합니다.


Posted on 12-Sep-2018