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Bootloader Unlock For LG G5 F700 Models
Hi, I'm a user of Korean variant of LG phones. Since from LG G2, as Korean LG G2 has an option of expandable storage as compared to European and other Models, and also its performance was more satisfying. From then I started using only Korean variants of LG phones like LG G3 LTE-A etc. Now I'm shifted to LG G5 F700K, but no bootloader unlocking is disappointing me. So, please add Korean variants of LG G5 in bootloader unlockable devices list. I will be really really thankful to you.
Posted on 11-Aug-2018

Re:Bootloader Unlock For LG G5 F700 Models


It depends on the LG policy in each region.

We notify the supported devices via our website and provide a way to unlock, but are not involved with the policy.

We are sorry that we can't be of much help.

Thank you.

Posted on 13-Aug-2018

Re:Bootloader Unlock For LG G5 F700 Models

Thanks a lot for your reply. I couldn't understand this LG policy where most of the European and American phones are capable of bootloader unlocking while Korean phones are not. It's really a huge disappointment for me buying Korean phones. If LG doesn't provide bootloader unlocking for Korean variants then I will shift to another brand. Just because I feel a real charm in using Korean variant of LG phones but with a locked bootloader, it's just useless for me.

Posted on 16-Aug-2018

Re:Bootloader Unlock For LG G5 F700 Models

Hello, I am also interested in this issue. If I'm not mistaken, then Google obliges all manufacturers to leave the possibility of unlocking. This device does not comply with this requirement.

Posted on 3-Jan-2019