Unlock Bootloader (Read-only)

LM-Q710MS Stylo 4 Metro PCS
Is LG now only going to be supporting the high ends and flagships for bootloader unlocking? No other phones? OEM unlock is an available option under Developer Options (ie; it is not grayed out or missing). Is it possible but not supported or simply not available for unlock codes period? The option to unlock the bootloaded is a deal breaker for me and the decision to only allow it on the more expensive models is poor. I would not buy another LG product if this were the case. That would be a shame as Ive been using and developing on LG phones since the G3. Hopefully someone from LG can answer this soon as I have only 9 days remaining to return this phone if the bootloader is locked down.

By the way, is there really no search function for this forum or am I just not seeing it? It must get pretty old fast having to answer the same questions over and over again because I know no one including me is going through 20+ pages of mostly vague and ambiguous topics
Posted on 8-Jul-2018