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About unlock
update my phone to 7.0,so,I need unlock my phone again。imei:357657070467499 Device ID:02B1713DA67F6A6E3A6867F06D6AE8E3F0DC231B43B498008EA7BC9999135783
Posted on 15-Dec-2017

Re:About unlock


If you want to unlock the bootloader of your phone, please refer to How to Unlock the Bootloader page.

If you have any further problems, please let us know the full error message by email at developer@lge.com.
A screenshot of the error encountered will also be helpful to find the problem.

Thank you.

Posted on 21-Dec-2017

Re:About unlock

unfortunately, one first has to be able to access a somewhat useful recovery (not one that just says "no command"). Even using ADB to reboot into bootloader, the phone simply reboots into system. This is LG's flagship phone.. this is not the kind of issues one expects the moment one opens the box!

Posted on 1-Dec-2018