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Lg never again
Lg make the greatest phones with awesome features but.....
No root = No Lg
Simple as that.
Very dissapointed v20 owner.
Posted on 15-Aug-2017

Re:Lg never again

too me

Posted on 16-Aug-2017

Re:Lg never again


The choice was between the LG G6 H870DS and a Galaxy S8. If I had known that unlocking the bootloader wasn't supported, I would have gone with the S8.
If I could return the G6, I would. Just because of this.

My time in Korea left me with the impression that Koreans are incredibly skilled and capable. That the H870DS is not supported is extremely disappointing and an embarrassment to the legacy of "Lucky Goldstar".

You can be sure I will tell people to buy a different device because of this.


Posted on 16-Aug-2017

Re:Lg never again

I have h996 ucl, bought for music. Without possibility to run viper4android/viper4arise i prefer my old g3. Or even my g2.
That sucks.
Should have bought zte axon 7.

Posted on 16-Aug-2017

Re:Lg never again

Agree. Why no let everyone to unlock bootloader? why limit by region? I am selling my g6 for another phone, I want root, custom roms.

Posted on 30-Aug-2017

Re:Lg never again

I want to use my G6 with rooted. But no way. I am very disappointed.

Posted on 7-Sep-2017