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Can't unlock Bootloader LG US996
anyone can help me to get unlock.bin for my V20 US996
I entered the Device-ID and IMEI and I get the error:
Device ID is unmatched. Please check your Device ID. Your account will be locked if you enter the wrong Device ID more than 3 times.
Posted on 1-Aug-2017

Re:Can't unlock Bootloader LG US996

I had exactly the same message after many time trying still not unlocked bootloader

Posted on 2-Aug-2017

Re:Can't unlock Bootloader LG US996

Did you guys managed to pass it? I am having the same issue. Sent an email to developers but no response until now.

Posted on 4-Aug-2017

Re:Can't unlock Bootloader LG US996

Hi npdinh and laurence,

Have you resolved the problem? If not, please email us with the details at developer@lge.com and let us know your email address.

Thank you.

Posted on 9-Aug-2017

Re:Can't unlock Bootloader LG US996

Thanks to LG mobile developer, I got the unlock.bin file and successed unlock it.

Posted on 15-Aug-2017