Camera video recording setting restricted to "MMS 320 x 240"

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We are developing a mobile application to take pictures and videos, and when we have tested on LG products, the video capture settings are defaulted to "MMS 320 x 240 px". Our code does not mention this format and states the format should be "MP4"
When the Video settings are accessed within the application the option to select the video format is grayed out, and we are unable to edit the video format. All other devices we have tested (different manufacturers) either are set to MP4 and allow us to access the video format settings.

In the default camera on the LG devices, the MMS 320x240 px format isn't an option to select. What is causing the LG devices to force the 3gp/MMS 320 x24 px format when taking video within our app?

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Posted on 22-Oct-2020

Re:Camera video recording setting restricted to "MMS 320 x 240"

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Posted on 17-Nov-2020

Re:Camera video recording setting restricted to "MMS 320 x 240"

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Posted on 19-Nov-2020