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LG Flagship history: Read before you buy the G7.
I have been an Android user for quite a while. I own an LG G5 (which I am no longer using). Had I known how unreliable LG phones are, I never would have bought this phone to begin with. Basically two of the previous G series phones were a complete mess and LG didn't do enough to acknowledge those issues.

The LG G4 is obviously the most famous example. The phone was highly popular and was considered a top tier phone, until eventually people have noticed that it had an inherent defect that causes the phone to bootloop. In other words, many users woke up to see their phones dying on them. This issue did not happen because of users mis-using their phone or anything similar, it was just a defect which could affect any given G4 sooner or later. Some users had their phone replaced under warranty... Just to receive another bootlooping device (a few have sued LG and won, you can google that). Other users found their phone out of warranty and with a bricked phone, not a great situation to be in.

Then came out the LG G5. With excellent specifications (at that time), an amazing camera, and a removable battery, the G5 definitely stood out. That was the good part of the G5, but it also had a bad part and an ugly part. The bad part was that it's entire "modular phone" concept straight out failed - But sometimes gimmicks fail and that's fine. The ugly part is the one that left a really bitter taste in my mouth: Just like the G4 which is a time bomb due to the bootloop issue, the G5 is a time bomb in terms of issues as well. While it does not brick, it has the following problems: The GPS eventually dies with all G5s and no one really knows how to fix it, just google G5 GPS fix and you'll find all sorts of guides for cracking your phone open with attempts of fixing this issue. Second all G5s require filtering apps because they suffer from very severe ghosting. This is also something that develops over time. This is not a standard burn-in effect, this is a ghosting effect, i.e. it's a temporary effect in which previously used apps leave their images on the screen even after the apps are closed. Finally, the stock OS of some of the phone versions had a bugged wakelock which caused the phone to stay awake, in other words the idle drain was very severe. Non of those issues were truly acknowledged by LG, no apologizes, no refunds, nothing. If your phone is under warranty you can change it and just wait until it develops the same issues back.Akinator
Posted on 27-Jan-2019