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LG's P-OLED screens still have serious issues.
The upcoming LG V40, Pixel 3 XL, and Xperia XZ3 all will use LG's P-OLED screens. Because of that I would not consider buying any of these phones. I currently have an LG V35, the most recently released phone with a P-OLED (to the best of my knowledge), and the screen on my unit is a burning garbage fire.

My screen is obnoxiously grainy. This is mostly evident when displaying a white image. It looks like each pixel is a slightly different tint of off white. My screen looks like it is dirty or smeared even when it is not.

My screen has horrible black smear. The pixels cannot switch fast enough from off to darker collors fast enough, resulting in smearing. This is evident scrolling with anything black on the screan bordering on anything that is not brightly colored.

My screen has banding that reappears and disappears. A while after I bought my V35 I noticed that the screen had symmetrical horizontal stripes of different brightness. I planned to visit the AT&T store where I got this phone to deal with it, but before I got around to that the banding went away. Banding has appeared and disappeared on my phone several times and it can last from a few hours to a week. Unlike the other issues I have stated, this may be a defect specific to my unit. However, like my unit many pixel 2 XL and LG V30 phones had banding problems (V35 is uncommon and new so IDK if others have the same problem with it).
Though P-OLED may not be as bad today as it was on the V30 and Samsung's AMOLED screens are not immune from issues, AMOLED screens are still years ahead. If you wouldn't buy a phone with a lower end processor (ex: snapdragon 710 or 660) for a flagship price why would you buy a P-OLED flagship over an AMOLED one. Personaly, I would prefer my phone to have a good LCD panel than an OLED of this quality.

My phone has screen herpes and the LG V40, Pixel 3 XL, and Xperia XZ3 probably will too.
Posted on 20-Jan-2019

Re:LG's P-OLED screens still have serious issues.


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Posted on 21-Jan-2019