Error while building. --E/LocationManager: [LGNSS] Disable_PrivacyLocation_Information
Hi, I'm working on a project where I have to integrate a map from Mapbox into one of my fragments. We began testing with tablets and had no issues until we decided to build on mobile. Those issues were fixed eventually but now I get this error:
E/LocationManager: [LGNSS] Disable_PrivacyLocation_Information [tOperator : TMO ] , [privacy_check : 0]
[LGNSS] This device should be disabled privacy location info -TMO

We believe it has something to do with my LG V30 and T-Mobile(my carrier) since we have successfully built on a Nexus 5X with
T-mobile as a carrier.
There is really no information out there for this error.

Any ideas on what it could be or how to Disable Privacy Location Information

Thank you.

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Posted on 9-Oct-2018

Re:Error while building. --E/LocationManager: [LGNSS] Disable_PrivacyLocation_Information


In this forum, we support developers who are creating mobile apps with LG SDKs.
Therefore, please understand in advance that it is hard for us to check general android app issues.

We are not sure as there is only a part of the log, but it seems you have a problem with android app permissions.

Please refer to 'Add the permissions to the app manifest' and 'Request runtime permissions' here.
And please check if the third party SDK you are currently using has a solution for checking the permission.

Thank you.

Posted on 10-Oct-2018

Re:Error while building. --E/LocationManager: [LGNSS] Disable_PrivacyLocation_Information

Thank you, I believe you are right about the permissions, we have been testing a few different phones and we believe its the carrier software installed that is causing this problem.

Posted on 12-Oct-2018

Re:Error while building. --E/LocationManager: [LGNSS] Disable_PrivacyLocation_Information


It can vary depending on the software as runtime permissions are required only for API level 23 or later.

Please add a code for checking the runtime permission and let us know if the problem persists.

Thank you.

Posted on 14-Oct-2018

Re:Error while building. --E/LocationManager: [LGNSS] Disable_PrivacyLocation_Information

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Posted on 29-Oct-2018

Re:Error while building. --E/LocationManager: [LGNSS] Disable_PrivacyLocation_Information

Hi all, Thanks for the feedback I looked into a bunch of things but ultimately it fixed itself, I truly don't know what happened, my team and I did not do anything specific.

I just upgraded to a LG G7 and I notice this same message come up, however App runs just fine.

Sorry I cannot provide any details on how this was fixed.

Posted on 30-Oct-2018