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Read WhatsApp database on Android
I heard WhatsApp data is stored on local database on Android device. How can I access the database and export data from it?
Posted on 20-Sep-2018

Re:Read WhatsApp database on Android


For questions about the app service, please contact the service provider or contact LG customer service center in your region.
(To contact LGE customer service center online, visit, select your regional site, and make an inquiry at Support > Contact Us.)

Thank you.

Posted on 21-Sep-2018

Re:Read WhatsApp database on Android

Olá o pessoal da assistência técnica me auxiliaram muito no conserto do meu LG. Estou muito feliz com a empresa que me indicaram em São Paulo, se você puder conhecer, eles lhe auxiliarão em tudo o que precisar. Muito obrigado pela Indicação.

Posted on 24-Sep-2018

Re:Read WhatsApp database on Android

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Posted on 26-Sep-2018

Re:Read WhatsApp database on Android

Do you want to export data to computer or other phones ?
like this : you can export WhatsApp to computer .

Posted on 27-Sep-2018

Re:Read WhatsApp database on Android

This can only be done with the help of tools to export WhatsApp data,this reduces the risk of data loss.
Read it for more info :

Posted on 16-Oct-2018

Re:Read WhatsApp database on Android

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Posted on 29-Oct-2018