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LG H870DS TWN disables 5GHz wifi after Oreo update
Updated my LG H870DS TWN from android 7.0 to android 8.0, then wifi does not scan 5GHz networks.
The applied update is "H870DS20a_00_OPEN_TW_DS_OP_0518.kdz", manually done with LGUP, because the phone update manager didn't find the update on its own.

The issue was fixed with the following *procedure:

1) Go to phone and dial *#546368#*870# to enter the hidden menu
2) Go to field test > wifi test > OTA
In my case it was disabled and enabling solved the problem! (actually I don't even have a clue what this setting is exactly for, found out through trial and error)
3) Then went one step back, entered FTM test, set 5GHz, started and boom, "start successful"! (before it had failed)
4) Finally I went back to regular WiFi-Menu, was switched off so had to turn it back on, no networks, off an on again, 5Ghz was back and still is after several reboots + resetting network settings once again to double check.
Hope that works for others as well!

*procedure extracted from:
Posted on 26-Jul-2018

Re:LG H870DS TWN disables 5GHz wifi after Oreo update


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Posted on 30-Jul-2018

Re:LG H870DS TWN disables 5GHz wifi after Oreo update

I've contacted LG taiwan already but no response.

Posted on 30-Jul-2018