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LG G7 - take back HDMI out, please
Good morning.

I have just bought a LG G7.

I though it was the perfect smartphone, it has everything you need...
It has the last and best processor, good camera, MICRO SD!!, RADIO FM!!!, usb type c (3.1), HDMI out via usb type c 3.1..... but... wait a moment.... I have connected a display port adapter and it does NOT WORK!!! HDMI out does NOT WORK!!!

I can believe it! The LG's 2018 flagship do not support HDMI out, feature that it is available in Samsung S9, Huawei P20, huawei P20 Pro... Its main rivals!!!!

I have been researching into the kernel source of diffeerent devices that supports HDMI out, and I have discovered that LG has disabled this feature via software in the LG g7, abolutely amazing!!

I upload the hdmi__Kconfig file from LG V30, and Samsung Galaxy S9, both of them support HDMI out, and LG G7 file, so you can see there what I am saying.

Please LG, release an update where you enable this feature, and you will get the best smartphone of the year. If you do not do this I will have to sold the smartphone and buy the Galaxy S9 (Snapdragon version)

And, I do not want to share my screen wirelessly, that is not useful if you want to play due to the lag.

I am waitting for you reply.

Posted on 15-Jul-2018

Re:LG G7 - take back HDMI out, please


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We don't have much relevance to software development of LG devices.

We are sorry that we can't be of much help.

For questions/issues about the LG Device and its software, please contact LG customer service center in your region.
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Thank you.

Posted on 16-Jul-2018