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BLE Connectivity Issues On on LG H860 and LG H990ds
The phone successfully connects to Fluke Tool A300 and we get Gatt Success code as 0 but after few seconds the connection breaks and the gatt status code changes to 8 triggering the Gatt State change callback method. Then again we get gatt code 0 on retrying and after that again 8. This loop continues and the services don't get discovered. This behaviour is consistent across fluke tools. I tried with SweetBlue and RXAndroidBle but the same issue exits there.

Posted on 15-May-2018

Re:BLE Connectivity Issues On on LG H860 and LG H990ds


Does the issue occur only on the two LG devices you mentioned above?

Please check whether your app works on the other brands' phone models first.
And if so, please let us know the following information of your LG devices.
- Model name (e.g. LG F600S) :
- SW version :
- Android varsion :
- Test scenario that we can reproduce the issue :

Thank you.

Posted on 15-May-2018